1. Function: To advise the Principal on the overall strategic management of the school's physical infrastructure and equipment.

  2. Responsibilities: To advise the Principal in developing strategic plans, annual plans, regulations, guidelines, and procedures for the proper management of physical infrastructure and equipment in compliance with the law.

Responsible for:

  • Developing plans for construction, repairs, preparing investment funding proposals, supervising design, construction, inspection, and project settlement;
  • Implementing procurement, bidding, and efficient asset management in accordance with current regulations;
  • Carrying out reception duties;
  • Managing and operating technical systems to ensure efficiency and cost savings (electricity, water, central air conditioning, elevators, wastewater treatment systems, emission control, substations, etc.);
  • Managing and operating facilities to meet teaching and learning needs, maximizing the school's economic efficiency (management of dormitories, classrooms, auditoriums, meeting rooms, etc.);
  • Ensuring environmental cleanliness, meeting current standards with appropriate, efficient, and cost-saving solutions;
  • Ensuring security, order, and safety for individuals, infrastructure, equipment, and materials through effective and economical means;
  • Providing transportation for school activities;
  • Monitoring and evaluating compliance with regulations, procedures, and guidelines for management, equipment, and technology activities as per the plan;
  • Implementing reporting procedures as required;
  • Fulfilling other tasks assigned by the Principal.